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What is business coaching?

A business coach is there to help you set and reach your goals, they will also hold you accountable to the goals you set. They will help you develop, customise and then fully understand how business systems should be utilised within your business. A business coach, like Clyde Langley, should have many years of experience owning and running businesses. A business coach can help grow, sustain, or build and sell your business. They will also help you transition a family-owned business from parents to children.

A business coach will help with processes covering all facets of your business, including human resources, financials, training, business plan, goal settings, sales tactics, marketing, and reporting.

How do you know you need a coach?

If you can relate to any of the reasons listed below then there is a very good chance a business coach can help your business.


  • Working all the time and have no time for your family or personal life.
  • Have plenty of work but can’t seem to make enough money to prosper.
  • Have difficulty retaining or finding staff.
  • Your business hits a hurdle and you need help to get over it.
  • You’re good at your trade but struggle with the financial side of business.
  • You struggle to plan ahead.
  • You’ve never done a business plan.

You want a coach, what next?

The first step to getting a coach is simply clicking this link and booking a meeting. The first meeting is always free.

Right from the beginning, I am learning about your business and how I can help you. The aim is to make sure that when we do meet up, we already know how we can help you. Our meeting then becomes more about confirming opportunities in your business, better understanding your return on investment, and making sure we can work together. Most people walk away with years worth of strategies to help improve their business.

We are acutely aware of the value of your time and making sure this is a very high-value meeting.

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ActionCOACH teaches valuable lessons and insights about running a business. Those lessons produced results

Ian Dümmer

Dümmer and Neal

Coach Clyde knows the pain points of my business, and therefore guides me, teaches me and challenges me

Ilse Dippenaar

Owner, Upstream Education

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