About ActionCOACH

ActionCOACH is a Business Coaching and Training company founded in 1993 by entrepreneur and author Brad Sugars. Unlike most traditional consulting firms, the ActionCOACH process is structured to provide you, the business owner, with both short-term assistance and long-term training through our affordable personal business mentoring approach. Our clients and the hundreds of thousands of clients and seminar attendees worldwide will attest to the power of our programs. Based on proprietary sales, marketing, and business management systems, we not only show you how to increase your business revenues and profits, often quite dramatically, but also how to develop your business so that you, as the owner, can work less, relax more, and finally enjoy business ownership. Our Business Coaches have broad and deep business experience and are fellow business owners who have invested their time, money and energy to make their own various business ventures successful. Our goal in business is quite simple … to help you reach your goals.

About ActionCOACH Summit

ActionCOACH Summit is a franchise of ActionCOACH based in Hilton Kwa-Zulu Natal a large leafy extended suburb of Pietermaritzburg. ActionCOACH Summit is owned and operated by ActionCOACH certified Business Coach Clyde Langley. Clyde now has over 4 years experience in the business coaching space this after co-owning and operating a successful I.T company based in Pietermaritzburg for 13 years. Clyde has extensive experience at all levels of business, making Clyde’s approach to coaching an experienced and nurturing one. Along side ActionCOACH Summit Clyde also owns two additional businesses one a digital marketing agency called Summit Media which focuses on lead generation and conversion strategies in the digital space and the other business Prolong KZN an oils and lubrication distribution company distributing the ever popular Prolong engine treatments to many different industries across Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Our Approach

As a Business Owner, you are very good at what you do, but owning a business is a tough gig – You need to be good at marketing, sales, finance, HR, management and leadership, systemizing your business, goal setting, planning and much more. All of this in addition to being a spouse, a parent, making a profit and still trying to get a good nights sleep! There is no university, college or institution you can go to that will teach you the practical skills required to not only run but build a successful business. Enter ActionCOACH, we help you in all the areas mentioned above. We won’t do it for you, but we will teach you how to do it for yourself and will be there to hold your hand every step of the way.